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The table on this page shows the applicability of the general purpose compositions listed under individual methods. The compositions are ordered by falseness-group order, for example a composition for BDE will come before one for BDK which will precede one for DK. Where a composition is constructed completely from whole courses, it can be transposed to be suitable for any regular lead order. In addition, compositions for any regular 2nds place lead order will also produce an equivalent composition for the complementary 8ths place lead order when reversed and using the appropriate calls (4ths-place calls become 6ths-place ones in the complementary lead order and vice versa). The complementary pairs are a and m, b and l, c and k, d and j, e and h, and f and g. Note this feature is particularly useful for leads orders d and j as a composition for the 2nds place version of a method will give a composition with similar features for the 8ths place version of the same method (and vice versa). The `Others' column shows whether a composition can be transposed for other lead-end orders. Compositions with 1256 singles in 2nds place methods will use 1458 singles when transposed for an 8ths place method (and vice versa).

To use the table, find ALL the falseness groups of the method you want a composition for. It is important that the out-of-course only and the split tenors only groups are fully considered as many of the compositions contain singles and split tenors sections (A T in the tenors column indicates a composition with the tenors together throughout, S indicates the composition contains some split tenors work). Then look down the table to identify any composition which includes all those groups within the list of groups it is true to. Then check that the lead order is suitable and transpose the composition if necessary (if in any doubt how to do this ask an expert!). Finally prove what you intend to ring with a peal proving program to make sure it is indeed true to the method you want to ring it to.

General purpose compositions can be useful for a range of methods but often, if a method-specific composition is available, it may be better as it should have been tailored to the specific features of the method.

GroupsLead orderOthersTenorsCompositionNotes

Note 1: As given for –58– starts, for other methods start with rounds as 32456 course end
Note 2: As given for –56– starts, for other methods start with rounds as 23465 course end
Note 3: Composition with 4ths place calls in 8ths place method; on transposition would give 6ths place calls in a 2nds place method
Note 4: Composition with 1456 singles, these remain as 1456 singles when transposed for 8ths place methods
Note 5: As given for –36– starts, for methods starting 36-, begin at snap in 24635 course
Note 6: As given for 38– starts, for other methods start with rounds as 32456 course end
Note 7: As given for –36– starts, for other methods start with rounds as 23465 course end
Note 8: Composition with half lead singles, places to be made for the single will depend on the method
Note 9: 5040 for methods with 24 changes a lead (e.g. treble to 6ths TD), 6720 for those with 32 changes a lead
Note 10: As given for –38– starts, for other methods start with rounds as 32456 course end
Note 11: Composition with two 123678 calls, these become as 123478 calls when transposed for 2nds place methods
Note 12: For methods with 28 changes a lead
Note 13: As given for 38– starts, for other methods start with rounds as 23546 course end
Note 14: Finishes at snap so only suitable for 2nds place methods (lead ends b,c,f) with –38– starts
Note 15: As given for snap start in methods starting -58, also suitable when transposed for -36 starts
Note 16: As given for snap start in methods starting -58
Note 17: As given for snap start in methods starting 58-
BCD FG  K          abcde  X ZfallS5152 Clanfield S Major
BCD     K          abcdef  YZblS5056 Aquamarine S Major (omitting 3*)
BCD     K          a cdef  YZblS5056 Aquamarine S Major (omitting 3')
BCD     K          a cd    YZckS5024 Sedbergh S Major
BCD     K          a cd    YZeallS5152 Maestro D Major
BCD     K          a cd    YZgallS5152 Kupfernickel S Major
BCD     K          a c      ZeallS5152 Niccolite S Major
BCD     K          a       YZballS5152 Promethium S Major
BC      K          a       YZcallS5152 Long Ashton S Major
BC      K          a       YZdallS5152 Gallium S Major
BC                 a cd   XYZdallS5152 Humphlet No 2 S Major
B DEFG        R T     d   XYZfallT5600 or 5152 Turvey S Major
B DE G I   NO R T   b   f XYZballS5152 Turramurra S Major
B DE G I   NO R T   b   f XYZballS5152 Warwickshire S Major
B DE G I   NO R T   b   f XYZdallS5376 (5152) Hydrargyrum S Major
B DE G I   NO R T   b   f XYZeallS5152 Fairford S Major
B DE G I   NO R T   b   f XYZjallS5152 Red Kite S Major
B DE G I   NO R T   b   f XYZjallS5376 (5152) Moonstone S Major
B DE G        R T         X  fallS5152 Turvey S Major
B D     K   O      a cd f  YZfgS5024 White Sapphire S Major
B D     K          abcdef XYZblT5088 Dawn S Major
B D     K          abcdef XYZehT5120 Quicksilver S Major
B D     K          a cd f  YZblS5056 Nobelium S Major
B D     K          a cd f   ZfallS5152 Oscar S Major
B D     K          a cd    YZblS5056 Burford S Major
B D     K          a cd    YZdallS5152 Benedict S Major
B D     K          a cd    YZkallS5152 Protium S Major
B D     K          a cd     ZblS5152 Ebony S Major
B D     K          a c     YZeallS5152 Thulium S Major
B D     K          a c     YZhallS5152 Unniltrium S Major
B D     K          a c      ZdallS5152 Jovium S Major
B D     K          a c      ZdallS5152 Jovium S Major
B D     K          a c      ZdallS5152 Jovium S Major
B D     K          a c      ZfallS5152 Opal S Major
B D     K          a c      ZjallS5152 Bolonium S Major
B D     K            cd f   ZcallS5152 Uranium S Major
B D     K            cd f   ZeallS5152 Aluminum S Major
B D     K            cd f   ZeallS5152 Pearl S Major
B D           R    a         eallS5152 Thousand D Majorsee Note 4
B D            S      d   XYZeallT5152 Knowle Spring S Majorsee Note 8
B D                 b d    YZjallS5152 Idstone D Major
B D                a cd    YZblS5056 Walcot D Major
B D                a cd     ZdallS5152 Humphlet S Major
B D                a cd     ZkallS5152 Goshawk Major
B D                  cd    YZcallS5152 Woodley S Major
B D                  cd    YZdallS5152 Sulphur S Major
B D                  cd    YZeallS5152 Pearl S Major
B D                        YZeallS5152 St George's S Major
B D                        Y eallS5152 St George's S Major
B  E               abcdef XYZgallT5152 Glasgow S Major (2 comps)
B  E               abcdef XYZdallS5152 Gold S Major
B  E               abcdef XYZblT5056 St Briavels S Major
B  E               abcde  XYZblS5024 Mangotsfield D Major
B  E               abcd f XY blS5056 Ruthwaite Lodge S Major
B  E               abcd f XY callS5152 Adelaide S Major
B  E               abcd f XY callS5152 Adelaide S Majorsee Note 1
B  E               abcd f XY callS5152 Polden Hills S Major
B  E               abcd f XY ckS5088 Bustardthorpe D Major
B  E               abcd f XY dallS5152 Flerovium S Major
B  E               abcd f XY eallS5152 Quantock Hills S Major
B  E               abcd f XY eallS5152 Vallium S Major
B  E               abcd f XY gfS5120 Glasgow S Major
B  E               abcd f XY gallS5152 Glasgow S Major (2 comps)
B  E               abcd f XY jallS5152 Cadmium S Major
B  E               abcd f XY kallS5152 Canon's Marsh S Major
B  E               abcd   XY blS5056 Up Avon S Major
B  E               abcd   XY callS5152 Emerald S Major
B  E               abcd   X  gallS5152 Glasgow S Major
B  E               abcd    Y blS5024 Portishead D Major
B  E               a c    XY blS5056 Barrow Court S Major
B  E                bcd f  YZgfS5152 Glasgow S Major
B  E                bcd f  YZfgS5152 Unnilseptium S Major
B  E                 cd    YZdallS5152 Rhinestone S Majorsee Note 7
B  E                 c    XYZa,d,eallT5376 (5152) Colnbrook S Major
B  E                        ZdallS5152 Quartz S Major
B    GHI LM O RS    bcd f XYZa–fallT5152 Congresbury S Major
B    GHI LM O RS    bcd f XYZa–fallT5152 Niobium S Major
B    G   LM         bcd   XYZblT5056 Pudsey S Major
B    G   LM         bcd   XYZcallT5152 Iridium S Majorsee Note 16
B    G   LM         bcd   XYZcallT5152 Phlogiston S Majorsee Note 16
B    G   LM         bcd   XYZdallT5152 Argentum S Majorsee Note 16
B    G   LM         bcd   XYZdallT5152 Wolfram S Majorsee Note 16
B    G   LM         bcd   XYZeallT5152 Sulfur S Majorsee Note 13
B    G   LM         bcd   XYZb,c,fT5122 Jubilee S Majorsee Note 14
B    G   L  O         d   XYZfallT5152 Molybdenum S Major
B    G   L          b d   XYZfallT5152 Barium S Major
B    G   L            d   XYZaallT5152 Nephrite S Major
B    G   L            d   XYZcallT5152 Lead S Major
B    G   L            d   XYZdallT5152 Golden Eagle S Major
B    G   L            d   XYZdallT5152 Knapwell S Major
B    G   L            d   XYZdallT5152 Oolite S Major
B    G   L            d   XYZdallT5152 White-Tailed Eagle S Major
B    G   L            d   XYZeallT5152 Silicon S Major
B    G             a c      ZblS5056 Anniversary D Major
B    G              bc    XYZfallS5152 Lutetium S Major
B      I L NOPRS   abc e  XYZfallT5152 Alexandrite S Major
B      I L NOPRS   abc e  XYZfallT5152 Flax Bourton S Major
B        LM          c    XYZballT5152 Wotton-under-Edge S Major
B        L          bcd   XYZblT5056 Dorchester S Major
B        L           cd    YZblS5088 Dorchester S Major
B        L           cd    YZblS5040 December A Majorsee Note 12
B        L            d   XYZcallT5152 Cassiopium S Major
B        L                XYZdjT5152 Ivory S Major
B        L                  ZblS5056 Garnet D Major
B         M    S     cd   XYZb,c,fallT5152 Butleigh S Majorsee Note 16
B         M    S     cd   XYZa,d,eallT5152 Niobium S Majorsee Note 16
B         M    S     cd   XYZb,c,fallT5152 Wotton-under-Edge S Majorsee Note 17
B         M          cd   XYZb,c,fallT5152 Iridium S Majorsee Note 16
B          N   S   a       YZcallS5152 Bath & NorthEast Somerset S Major
B                  a cd    YZckS5120 Somerset S Major
B                  a c e    ZblS5056 Barrow Court S Major
B                  a c e    ZblS5056 Barrow Court S Major
B                  a c     YZcallS5152 Actinouranium S Major
B                  a c     YZdallS5152 Natrium S Major
B                  a c     YZeallS5152 Dordt S Major
B                  a c      ZballS5152 Iddesleigh D Major
B                  a c      ZcallS5152 Meitnerium S Major
B                  a c      ZblS5056 Lunar D Majorsee Note 10
B                  a c      ZblS5012 Ambleside A Majorsee Note 12
B                  a c      ZblS5124 Dordrecht A Majorsee Note 12
B                  a c      ZdallS5152 Arsenic S Major
B                  a c      ZdallS5152 Natrium S Major
B                  a c       blS5024 Wales D Major
B                  a c       blS5152 Barrow Court S Major
B                  a c       djS5088 Bevan's D Major
B                  a  d    YZcallS5152 Somerset S Major
B                  a  d    YZeallS5152 Rubidium S Major
B                  a  d    YZhallS5152 Heliotrope S Major
B                  a        ZballS5152 Ruby D Major
B                  a        ZballS5152 Ruby D Major
B                  a        ZballS5152 (5022) Scudamore D Majorsee Note 10
B                  a        ZballS5152 Xmastide D Major
B                  a        ZblS5056 Alloa S Major
B                  a        ZblS5056 Holbeach S Major
B                  a        ZblS5056 Yate D Major
B                  a        ZcallS5152 Actinouranium S Major
B                  a        ZcallS5152 Oxford Castle S Major
B                  a        ZdallS5376 (5152)Thallium S Major
B                  a        ZdallS5152 (5086) Aluminium S Majorsee Note 10
B                  a        ZfallS5152 Glucinium S Major
B                  a         blS5088 Mells D Major
B                  a         blS5404 (5096, 5012) Dordrecht A Majorsee Note 12
B                   bc    XYZblT5056 Tantalum S Major
B                    c  f   ZdallS5152 Queen Eleanor S Major
B                    c    XYZeallS5152 Camdon S Major
B                    c    XYZeallS5152 Camdon S Major
B                    c     YZaallS5152 109 S Major
B                    c     YZballS5152 Beddington S Majorsee Note 6
B                    c     YZcallS5152 Cornelian S Major
B                    c     YZdallS5152 Berkshire S Major
B                    c     YZdallS5152 Dysprosium S Major
B                    c     YZdallS5152 Iron S Major
B                    c     YZdallS5152 Lowther Castle S Majorsee Note 1
B                    c     YZdallS5152 Staffordshire S Major
B                    c     YZdallS5152 Xenolite S Major
B                    c     YZdjS5152 Half-Century S Major
B                    c     YZdjS5152 Up Hatherley D Major
B                    c     YZeallS5152 Lanthanum S Major
B                    c     YZeallS5152 Livermorium S Majorsee Note 6
B                    c     YZeallS5040 Little Chef L S Majorsee Note 9
B                    c     YZfallS5152 Ealing S Majorsee Note 1
B                    c     YZhallS5152 Antimony S Major
B                    c     YZjdS5152 Decadium S Major
B                    c     YZjallS5152 Curium S Major
B                    c     YZjallS5152 Decadium S Major
B                    c     YZjallS5152 Rutherfordium S Major
B                    c     YZjdS5152 Decadium S Major
B                    c     Y ballS10080 (5056) Evesham S Major
B                         XYZcallT5152 St Aldhelm S Major
 C E G I  MNO RS    b def XYZballS5152 Didymium S Major
 C   G IK   O R    abcdef XYZa(c,e)h,k,mS5152 Calcium S Major
 C   G IK   O R    abcdef XYZc(a,e)h,k,mS5152 Marsium S Major
 C   G IK   O R    abcdef XYZc(a,e)h,k,mS5376 (5152) Scandium S Major
 C   G IK   O R    abcdef XYZb,d,fg,j,lS5152 Ambleside S Major
 C   G IK   O R    abcdef XYZgallS5152 Uvarovite S Major
 C   G IK   O R    abcdef XYZhallS5152 Golden D Major
 C   G IK   O R    abcdef XYZlallS5376 (5152) Nottinghamshire D Majorsee Note 2
 C     I           abc    XYZlallT5376 (5152) Kurchatovium S Major
 C          O      abcdef XYZblT5056 Hitchin S Major
  D                a cd    YZfallS5600 (5152) Northampton S Major
  D                a c      ZjallS5152 Kaolinite S Major
  D                a c      ZjallS5600 (5152) Neodymium S Major
  D                  c     YZjallS5152 Vulcanite S Major
   E G I  M O RST  abcdef XYZaallT5376 (5152) Actinium S Majorsee Note 15
   E G I  M O RST  abcdef XYZac,eT5152 Actinium S Majorsee Note 15
   E G I  M        ab de  XYZblT5056 Superlative S Majorsee Note 5
   E G I  M        ab de  XYZblT5152 Superlative S Majorsee Note 5
   E G I  M        ab de  XYZblT5184 Superlative S Majorsee Note 5
   E G I  M         b de  XYZballT5152 Superlative S Major
   E G I  M         b de  XYZblT5184 Cherwell S Majorsee Note 5
   E G I            b de  XYZblT5056 Superlative S Major
   E G I            b de  XYZblT5056 Superlative S Major
   E G I            b de  XYZblT5088 Superlative S Major
   E G I            b de  XYZblT5184 Superlative S Major
    FG   L    R     bc    XYZa,d,eallT5152 Uttoxeter S Major
    FG   L    R     bc    XYZb,c,fallT5152 Nitrogen S Major
    FG   L    R     bc    XYZgallT5152 Plumbum S Major
    F  I LM O R     bc    XYZballT5376 (5152) Bismuth S Major
    F  I LM O R     bc    XYZgallT5376 (5152) Chromium S Major
    F    L    R     bc    XYZfallT5376 (5152) Exeter S Major
     GHIK  NOPRS U   cdef XYZb,d,fallT5376 (5152) 110 S Major
     GHIK  NOPRS U   cdef XYZg,j,lallT5376 (5152) Tin S Major
     GHI    O R     bc  f XYZkallS5152 Muonium S Majorsee Note 11
     G I    O R     bc  f XYZb,c,fallT5376 (5152) Jellium S Major
     G I    O R     bc  f XYZjallT5376 (5152) Rhodium S Major
     G        R     bc    XYZa,d,eallT5376 (5152) Thorium S Major
     G        R     bc    XYZkallT5376 (5152) Cuprum S Major
     G        R     bc    XYZkallT5376 (5152) Verdite S Major
       I           abc  f XYZlbS5056 Cornwall S Major
       I           abc    XYZamT5024 Royal Wootton Bassett D Major
        K          a c  f   ZlbS5056 Nottinghamshire D Major
        K          a    f   ZlbS5056 Welshpool S Major
                   abcdef XYZblT5024 Montgomery S Major
                   abcdef XYZa–fallT5152 Scandium S Major
                   abcdef XYZckT5088 Scandium S Major
                   abcdef XYZdjT5088 Xenon S Major
                   abcdef XYZdjT5184 Phosphorus S Major
                   abcdef XYZgfT5152 Ich Dien S Major
                   abcdef XYZheT5056 Kalium S Majorsee Note 3
                   abcdef XYZheT5088 Golden D Majorsee Note 3
                   abcdef XYZheT5088 Woolavington D Majorsee Note 3
                   abcdef XYZheT5120 Frodsham S Majorsee Note 3
                   abcdef XYZh,k,mallT5152 Germanium S Major
                   abcdef XYZjdT5184 Zinc S Majorsee Note 3
                   abcdef XYZjdT5120 Radon S Majorsee Note 3
                   abcdef XYZjdT5120 Zircon S Majorsee Note 3
                   abcdef XYZlbT5024 Cornwall S Major
                   abcdef XYZmaT5120 (5056) Double Dublin S Majorsee Note 3
                   abc  f XYZblS5088 Montgomery S Major
                   abc  f  YZblS5024 Montgomery S Major
                   abc  f  YZheS5088 Battersea S Major
                   ab   f  YZheS5120 Actinon S Major
                   a c  f   ZlbS5088 Barrow Gurney S Major
                   a c  f   ZlbS5088 Cornwall S Major
                   a c      ZjdS5024 Xeres S Majorsee Note 3

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